1.  Shirt rules effective May 18, 2014. Final Rosters May 18th, 2014

2. Both teams must be equipped with a full set of bases, which will include three (3) infield bases, one courtesy base at 1st base, one (1) home plate and one (1) pitcher’s mound. If the scheduled home team does not supply bases, visiting team can be home or away, (their choice), for both games. Missing pitching rubber or courtesy base does not cause loss of home team penalty.

3. All teams are required to carry score books. Line-ups must be exchanged at the beginning of the game, with all changes being announced to the head umpire. The lineup you hand the umpire becomes the OFFICIAL lineup of the game.  Each team will receive the other teams lineup before start of game.

4. LINE UP SHEETS: Before each game, it is the responsibility of the team  manager, captain or team Rep to give the Umpires the lineup sheet. Each Lineup Sheet will be filled out properly with Team Name, Date, First and Last Name of each starting player. Positions and Designated Hitter (DH) or Extra Hitter (EH), Courtesy Runner’s etc. Also, all available substitutes should be listed. Finally the team manager, Captain or Rep must sign the line up sheet, indicating that each player on the  lineup sheet is an eligible player on his team’s roster. Substitute     players do not have to sign in until they are entered into the game. All substitute players names must be listed on substitute column even if they are not present.

5. Hard copy stays with Plate Umpire, soft copy will be given to visitor team by Plate Umpire.

5a. Each team is to supply two (2) clinchers (F-12) for each game. Only clinches will be used. If Game Ball is unplayable or lost, Home Team will supply next good used ball/or new ball.

6.  BAT: The bat must have the official softball insignia on it to be legal. All illegal bats will be determined by officials or by Team Captain during game for its eligibility or legality.

7.  GLOVE: Gloves are to be used in accordance with A.S.A. 2011 Regulations.

8.  EH RULE:  In the event of a emergency or injured players and no substitutes are available on a team’s bench then the EH can come into the game and play defense in the field without an out occuring in the lineup. At the start of the game if you start with 8 players and then 2 players show up, then the 9th player can come into the field and play defense. The 10th player can become your EH in the lineup. This is in effect only until the 3rd inning. At the start f the 4th inning, the 10th player cannot be added.


1.   A player must play at least one third of the regular season schedule, to be eligible for the playoff: Players must have at least one (1) official appearance in each of those games for eligibility. Pitchers must face three (3) complete inning for a game appearance to count. Hatter will need one at bat. For regular season (8), for pitcher (6), for positional player.

2. Minimum eight (8) players are necessary to start a game. Team can add a ninth (9) player at a time.

NOTE: However, after first pitch, team cannot go from nine fielders to ten fielders. A 10th man arriving after the start of the game, may be inserted into the lineup as EH. This is different from, the “RE-ENTRY RULE.” You can use offensive and defensive re-entry during course of game. List will be in A.S.A. Manual 2011.

3.   All lineup changes, before or during the game, must be announced to Umpire. Failure to do so will result in an ineligible player.

4.  Ten (10) run mercy rule applies after the trailing team has completed five (5) at bats.

5.  All games will be played to completion- This means that if a team or teams are waiting to play next, they will have to wait until the previous game is over.

6.  Rosters will be 20 men maximum and 12 minimum. As of Sunday,May 8th, 2010 the rosters must be finalized.

7.  Forfeit time: A team forfeits if it does not have at least eight (8) players to play by forfeit time, which is: 20 minutes from the original scheduled starting time. The head umpire’s watch will determine this time. After the 20 minutes forfeit time for the first game expires, the umpire will give the forfeiting team an additional 40 minutes, before declaring the second game as a forfeit as well.

a.  Two (2) forfeits and that team is out of the league, unless another security forfeit fee of $176.00 is posted BEFORE the Friday of the next scheduled game. Forfeit penalties are deducted from the team’s security deposit One forfeit is a $88.00 penalty. This penalty is paid to the umpires by the FORFEITING TEAM or deducted from your team’s security deposit. NO EXCEPTIONS!!! If the forfeit fee is not played to League Commissioner before next scheduled weeks game, no game will be scheduled. Forfeits will occur. Forfeiting team is responsible to pay other teams umpire fee.

b.  All officials will each be paid $44.00 for that forfeited game.

C.   Note: If there is only one (1) Umpire at your game, he/she will be paid one (1) fee + 1/2. In other words, he/she will be paid $66.00 to do that game alone for both games and with one Umpire it will cost $132.00 for the day. That fee is split by both teams, costing each team $33.00 per game.


1.   Courtesy Runners allowed. Runner’s are to be indicated on the lineup card AND your scorecard before the first pitch of game. There will be a MAXIMUM of two (2) courtesy runners per team per game. A third courtesy runner is allowed only if opposing team allows it before game, at pre game conference. Once the game has started, you CANNOT insert a courtesy runner into the game.

2.  Designated Hitter may bat for ANYONE in the lineup. DH may play defense at any position, but then you lose the person he was DH’ing for.

3. Re-entry DOES NOT apply. Any of the starting player(s) may be withdrawn and re-entered once, providing player(s) occupies the same batting position in the lineup, except the pitcher.

4.  A player removed from the lineup and not replaced, results in an automatic out each time his spot in the batting order is reached.

5.    LEAVING THE BASE: A runner may leave the base once the pitcher  releases the ball. If the runner leaves early, he is out (Umpire’s judgment) Ball is dead, no future play or advancement.

6.    PICK OFFS: If a pick off throw from the catcher beats the runner back to the base, the runner is out. This is a FORCE PLAY, NOT a TAG PLAY.

7.    ATTEMPTED PICK OFFS: All runners must re-touch the base they were occupying before advancing.

8.    BASE RUNNING: Sliding & tagging up from any base is allowed. A  runner may NEVER forcefully run into a fielder at any time. For a violation of this rule, the Umpire in his sole discretion, may impose one or more of the following penalties:

1. Rule the offending base runner out.

2. Rule another base runner out.

3. Eject the offending base runner.

4. Fielder must give up part of base when applying tag.

If Home plate is completely blocked without the ball, and tag is applied, a safe call will be called for interference.

9.    NO FAKE TAGS: Runner is awarded the next base and fielder faces possible ejection. Note: This is a dangerous play, resulting in possible injury to a runner, for example, putting on the brakes or sliding unnecessarily.

10.   Fielders may not block or occupy a base unless there is a play being made at the base.  Refer to ASA 2011 rule change on fielder must give up part of plate or base to allow runner equal opportunity to touch base.




1. NO QUICK PITCH: “No Pitch” shall be declared when the pitcher attempts a quick return of the ball before the batter has taken his batting position, or when the batter is off balance as a result of the previous pitch. This will result in a DEAD BALL call.

2.    WARM UP PITCHES: A pitcher at the start of the game, or a new relief pitcher is allowed five (5) warm up pitches. Three (3) warm up pitches are allowed at the start of each inning.

3. TYPE OF PITCHING: Modified Fast Pitch. NO windmill. sidearm, slingshot or overhand.

In C Division, stepping back is allowed.

In D Division, stepping back is allowed.

4.  Ball must be presented before the start of the delivery.

5. One foot must be in contact with the pitcher rubber on release, as well as when the pitcher addresses the batter. You may start with one or two feet on the rubber. You may pitch from side of pitching rubber, as long as your foot is making contact.

6.  No WHITE SHIRTS or SLEEVES on pitching arm, unless it is part of the team’s colors.

7.  ILLEGAL PITCH: Discretion: The penalty for an illegal pitch is called DELAYED DEAD BALL. Pitcher has UNLIMITED amount of illegal pitches – NO LIMIT, Penalty is a ball on the batter and all runners advance one (1) base.

8.  VISITS: Manager is allowed one (1) visit to the mound in an inning. Second visit will result in removal of the pitcher from the mound, (NOT from the game, unless desired by manager).


1.  THROWN BATS: Any person throwing a bat will be removed from the game immediately. The pre-game conference constitutes the only warning. This will be strictly enforced. The safety of others is the most important concern.


3.  NO SMOKING: Smoking is not allowed on playing field or coaching boxes at ANY TIME

4.  No practice is allowed on playing fields unless time permits.  – Umpire discretion

5.  All fields must be kept clean. Each team is responsible for their areas during and after each game. (See team responsibilities for more information).


1. Protests are to be presented to the Home Plate Umpire at the time  of the incident (before the next legal or illegal pitch is made. There is a $20.00 fee to file a protest. and the protest must be in writing and handed to the league. NO LATER MIDNIGHT the Wednesday after that weeks’ game. The fee is also due at this time. Your protest must be filed as per A.S.A. rulebook, (with the exception of any revision written here). If it is not received by the deadline, it is considered not filed The protest will be reviewed and judged in the best determination of the rules. Your security deposit can’t be applied as your $20.00 when filing your protest.

Important Note: ONLY an interpretation of the rules can be protested. You CANNOT protest an umpire’s judgment. DO NOT MAKE A TRAVESTY OF THE GAME BY PROTESTING FOR AN INVALID REASON JUST FOR THE SAKE OF PROTESTING.

2.    Teams protesting MUST have an official score sheet to have as a record of the protest to make it valid.

3.    APPEAL PLAY: The appeal must be made before the next legal or illegal pitch.

4.    Appeal plays will be verbal. Any player at time of occurrence-DEAD BALL PLAY live ball appeal means that runners can advance at their own risk.


1.    INELIGIBLE PLAYERS: A team automatically forfeits, if it is discovered during or after a league game, that a player participated who was not on the team’s roster or had not yet complied with all league requirements.

2.    TEAM PLAYOFF ELIGIBILITY: A team which forfeits any of its last 4 games of the regular season, is ineligible to participate in any playoff or post season games.

3.  No player is eligible until he has signed his team’s roster.

4.  No suspended player may be replaced on his team’s roster during his suspension, even if it means forfeiture of games.


1.   In the event of two (2) or more teams are tied for any playoff position, the following rules will be applied:

A. Head to Head season records.

B. Head to Head total runs second.

C. Inter-Divisional Record


Will result if teams didn’t play one another within their own division, the tie-breaker will be total runs scored in regular season scheduled games, including games won by a forfeit, A forfeit win is a 7-0 win in your combined schedule, including games played outside your division if scheduled. It only applies if the tie-breaker rule in A or B in a split is wins or loses during season or in B total rules are of equal number.


1.    Each team is responsible and subject to penalties for the conduct of its players, manager, and team’s spectators at ALL TIMES!!!!!


A. They must make sure that the players on their teams are fully aware of the League Rules.

B. They must take charge to stop any disagreements that may occur.

2.   PENALTY: Failure to make an attempt to do so will result in the Manager, Team Rep or Captain to receive the SAME penalties that the players receive.

3.    If you strike any player manager, coach, fan of another team or Umpire. you will be suspended for the remainder of the season, (this includes the playoffs as well), and your team will be fined.

4.  Cursing or abusive language can lead to an ejection from the game.

AUTOMATIC ONE GAME, SUSPENSION, TO ALL INVOLVED. Physical abuse to an umpire before, during or after a game or failure to come to the aid of an umpire, will result in automatic suspension of all involved for the remainder of the season. This includes ALL POST Season Play as well as the possibility of CRIMINAL CHARGES.

5.    Only managers can address an Umpire regarding a call.

6.    If you’re verbal instigation helps cause or make an incident worse, you can be ejected as well as suspended.

7.    Ejection’s & Suspensions: Any player ejected from a game MUST move to at least 100 Yards from the furthest fielder if so requested by the Umpire.

8.    Penalties for Ejection’s are as follows:

1st Ejection is the game player will be ejected from the game, PLUS the NEXT scheduled game. There will be a $10 fine for 1st ejection.

NOTE: Unless there are circumstances that call for such fines to be imposed.

2nd Ejection is the game player will be ejected from the game + a $40.00 fine + sitting out of the NEXT 2 games.

3rd Ejection is the game player will be ejected from the game plus a $75.00 fine and the offending player are banned from playing in the remainder of the regular season as WELL as the post season.

NOTE: All suspensions may be reviewed by the Commissioners & outside source if necessary.

9.    IMPORTANT NOTE: In the event you get ejected from your LAST game of the season, whether it is the regular season or Playoffs, YOUR penalty will carry over into the next season. There will be No EXCEPTIONS to this!!!!!

10.   If a player is ejected in the 1st Game of a Double Header, it is the manager’s responsibility to make sure that player sits the 2nd game. Unless it is his 2nd ejection, in that case he is to sit the 2nd game that week & the first game the following week. If the manager does not do this, and an opposing team protests that player’s eligibility, you could lose the game by way of protest.

11.   If you leave your dugout or position on the field for any reason that causes the incident to escalate, you can be ejected and/or suspended.

12.   Each team is responsible for cleaning up their own dugout and placing debris into trash cans, supplied by the N. Y. C. PARKS Department. Failure to comply with this regulation, could result in the team being fined in accordance with Department of Park’s rules. This could result in our league not obtaining permits for those fields again in the future.  NOTE: IF THE LEAGUE IS FINED, THE OFFENDING TEAM WILL BE RESPONSIBLE FOR THE FINE. In the event this occurs, the fine must be paid IMMEDIATELY or prior to the NEXT scheduled game.


l.    UMPIRE’S AUTHORITY: Each Umpire in a game has absolute control & authority, including the authority to make whatever ruling he thinks appropriate for any situation that may arise. The Umpire’s authority also includes for example, the right to eject player(s) or rule a forfeit.

2.    MANAGERS & CAPTAINS: Each team must designate on its roster a Manager & Captain. League Officials must notify the entire team, concerning any League matter by notifying either the Manager, Captain or other responsible team representative to inform their team of all the rules & regulations, game schedules or changes throughout the season. The team Rep must  attend all League Meetings. Failure to have a Rep at these meetings, will result in your team not having a voice in the decision making process.

3.    Each team will pay one Umpire $44.00 per game, and $88.00 for  double headers.

4.    If a game is played with one Umpire, each team will pay him $66.00  (this is a fee and 1/2).

5.    After ONE completed inning, the Umpire shall receive a FULL FEE.

6. Extra innings beyond 7 innings payable at a $5.00 per inning rate starting in 8th inning.

7. All suspended games that need to be rescheduled, and one or both officials that started suspended game are not available for reassignment, each new official working will receive full fee for new game or continuation of suspended game.


1.    The Umpire’s fee constitutes a 7 Inning Game, with a maximum of one (1) extra innings if needed. Each inning beyond Seven (7) innings, each Umpire will be paid an additional $5.00 per inning.

2.    An official game constitutes the trailing team batting at least 5 times. Anything less will be considered a suspended game. The game will be continued from that point. The original umpires assigned to that game will each receive $5.00 per inning for the remainder of the game, including the inning of continuance. From that point on, the game will adhere to normal guidelines.

3.    IN THE EVENT OF RAIN: No matter how bad the weather, each team must be at the field by game time, unless notified beforehand by League Officials that the game has been called off. Umpires or League Directors are the only people who are authorized to cancel a game. Do not call me on Saturday evening concerning cancellations!

DO NOT ASSUME GAME IS POSTPONED/CANCELED, THIS MAY RESULT IN A FORFEIT!!!!! In case of rain, a team Rep is to call 1 1/2 Hours before game time for status. CALL THE HOT-LINE BY 7:00AM: (718) 361-3242.

8a.   Managers give all your players HOT-LINE NUMBER, each player can call for themselves if game is rain-out or not.

9.   In the event that the field conditions are not playable at game time, the following criteria will be as follows:

9a.   Assuming field can be made playable in Umpire’s discretion only, Official game time will begin at the time the umpire decides the field is playable. Forfeit time begins at THAT point.  All teams are required to bring equipment to field to make playable.  Do not use shovels on field to dig out water.

10.   Any teams wishing to play on Holiday Weekends, so as to free up a week in the future may do so. The only condition is that if you reschedule, you MUST show up on that day or receive a forfeit.

Once a manger confirms a rescheduled game and other team is notified, games are on.  NO EXCEPTIONS!

11.    PLAYOFFS: All rounds prior to the Finals will be 2 out of 3. Finals will be 2 out of 3. No triple headers will be played. This means that the season may run beyond Labor Day.

11a.  Playoff mercy rule (lst round only)

C Division 10 Run Mercy

D Division 15 Run Mercy

Teams of priority will have choice of field when they are home team for the playoffs. NOTE: This is only if there will not be a major problem with other teams finishing their round and starting another series that day, which is a possibility.

12. All Rules not covered above, will be covered under the Amateur Softball Association (A.S.A.) Rule Book 2011

13. League Email :

The League maintains the right to update or change rules at their own discretion