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C League

Team NYL vs. Straight Ballerz

Red Storm vs. Raw deal

Corozal vs. Cardinals

DaCore vs. Saints

D League

Spartans vs. Super Freaks

Fighting Gallos vs. Aguakate

PayBack vs. SickFish

Ball Breakers vs. Brew Crew

E League

Wolf Pack vs. MVP’s

Softball Anarchy vs. Marauders

Please Note:

  • 1st team listed is Home Games 1 and 3
  • 1st team listed gets to pick the filed
  • 1st Team listed is responsible for bringing the bases
  • All three games are played on the same day
  • All Games start at 8:30 AM
  • All teams have option of selecting an official of their choice. Please contact Tony





  1. Top 4 teams in East and West make playoffs
  2. 1 seed play 4 See. 2 Seed plays the 3 seed
  3. Best out of 3 series played same day starting at 8;30am.
  4. Team with better record is HOME team 1st and 3rd game, plus they select field
  5. HOME team is responsible to bring bases
  6. Each team can recommend an official of choice


  1. Top 6 teams in North and South make playoffs
  2. 1 & 2nd place bye 1st Round, 4 vs 5 and 3 vs 6 best out of 3 series played same day starting at 8;30am.
  3. Team with better record is HOME team 1st and 3rd game, plus they select field
  4. HOME team is responsible to bring bases
  5. Each team can recommend an official of choice


  1. Top 6 teams in North and South make playoffs
  2. 1 & 2nd place bye 1st Round, 4 vs 5 and 3vs 6 best out of 3 series played same day starting at 8;30am.
  3. Team with better record is HOME team 1st and 3rd game, plus they select field
  4. HOME team is responsible to bring bases

D League

April 8th Warlocks Over Bombers 11-4 & 21-4

E League

May 5th Marauders and Softball anarchy split 11-10 & 11-9

June 23rd Wolf Pack and Bombers split 7-5 & 3-0



C League

Red Storm Sweep Cardinals 12-4 & 3-2 (8 innings)

Team NYL Split with Saints 17-3 & 5-2

Raw Deal and DaCore Split 13-3 & 7-3

D league

Ball Breakers 7-4 & 7-3 over Brew Crew – sweep

Farrell’s 11-3 & 4-1 over Money Team

PayBack won 2 games: 8-7 ( 9 innings) and 20-4 over Main Event, Main Event salvaged game three 9-7

SuperFreaks beat Caribe 7-2

Aguakate won both over Da Bastards 7-5 & 8-2

E league

Warlocks swept Wolfpack 14-2 & 17-1

Softball Anarchy 13-3 & 12-2 over Bandits

Marauders Split with Bombers 7-6 & 13-3

MVP’s swept Those Guys 9-8 & 13-12


2012 Brooklyn Meadows Fall Softball“A Tradition in Quality Softball”

Welcome to Brooklyn’s Best Softball League!!!!!!!!!!! This year we are celebrating our 22nd Anniversary of the  Sunday Fall softball.  We have full confidence that 2012 is going to be highly rewarding, exciting, and a fun season for everyone involved. We are more than just a league, we are a family, and our top priority is to provide all our members with an excellent softball experience as we strive to: “Treat Everyone like a Champion”!!!

If you want to play in league that cares and has a passion and commitment to its softball family, then this is the league for you. We have the best competition and fields in Brooklyn, with games umpired by the finest ASA certified, fully uniformed, and highly skilled officials. This league was built on and continues to run on strong rivalries, lasting friendships, and enthusiastic players.  As commissioner and head umpire it is my unique privilege and duty to make sure this spirit endures throughout the season.

Information is as follows:

  • Sunday Game Times are 8:30 am or 12:30pm
  • Modified Fast Pitched Softball Doubleheaders played on Brooklyn’s Best Dirt Fields - “like the game is ought to be played”
  • Beautiful Fields Include : Red Hook, Marine & Prospect Park
  • Beautiful Fields include : Ave K & E, 58th str, Shore Road, Starrett City
  • We have C, D, and E level divisions based on the quality level of your pitching
  • OPENING DAY IS SUNDAY September 8th, 2013
  • 7 Week Regular Season - 14 Games, weather permitting
  • 3 Week Post Season in a 2 out of 3 format
  • Uniforms are Optional
  • 2 Officials per game
  • $$$$$CASH PRIZES$$$$ will be awarded

Last year 40 teams participated and the action will even be stronger and better in 2011, so please secure your place in this top notch league by registering at the following 2 scheduled meetings:

  1. Registration Dates : To Be Announced
  2. Deposit Required: $250 at 1st meeting. Entry Fee $750
  3. Contact: Anthony Ferrazzo 917-721-1114
  4. League Information Hot-line #: (718) 361-3242
  5. Email:
  6. League website


C League Scores

• Longtime BMSL powerhouse Team NYL get the 2nd half started on the right foot by sweeping the Red Storm 15-5 & 6-5
• The Saints exploded in game one winning big 15-5, but fizzled in the night cap as the Cardinals pulled out a hard fought 4-3 extra inning win.
• DaCore was strong last Sunday winning 9-3 & 15-5 over the StraightBallerz
• Raw Deal earned a split versus Corozal. Maybe Corozal should use new home grown ace, Richie Collado more…. he’s on fire

E League Scores
• Warlocks crushed Softball Anarchy 16-10 in game one and then completed the sweep winning 8-7
• Wolf Pack easy over Those Guys 13-2 & 20-5. Too easy
• Marauders arrested the Bandits 10-4 & 7-6.

D League Scores
• Fighting Gallos 13-3 crushed the Spartans in game one, but as we all know Spartans never surrender and earned split winning 5-4.
• The Ball Breakers crushed PayBack, but Payback lived up to their name by exacting revenge in game two winning 11-9 in 9 very hot innings
• SickFish got healthy in game one winning 12-2, but the Main Event earned high ratings in the nightcap winning 7-3
• Caribe used pitching and defense to sweep a pair from Brew Crew 2-1 & 1-0 (8 innings)
• GoodFellas cashed in on Money team, defeating them easily 10-0 & 6-5
• It came in threes last Sunday for the Super Freaks as they lost all 3 games they played to Farrell’s. Losses were ugly too as they gave up 16 runs twice, and then blew a 2-1 lead in the 7th losing 8-2
• In game one Agukate blew out MVP’s 17-7 and then edged them in the nightcap 6-5
• Bring the Pain and Brooklyn Bastards did not play b/c the field was unplayable.



Early Fireworks last weekend

(I hate KKerry Perry but she is soooooo fine)

Scores June 30th

C League

• Team NYL easy sweep over Raw deal 4-1 & 25-3 – 25 runs are you kidding me?
• Red Storm came down hard on the shores of Caribe sweeping them 3-0 & 5-1
• In Game One the Cardinals Lucas Castillo came up with a 2 out 2 run single to left his team over Corozal 7-6 (great softball). Corozal like the Beasts they are came back and won game two 6-2
• DaCore & Saints split 9-6 & 12-0, respectively

D League
• Ball Breakers castrated the Main vent 12-1 & 8-4
• Bring the Pain hurt Payback by beating them 6-4 & 5-3
• Straight Ballerz swept Brew Crew 6-3 & 4-3 (8 innings)
• GoodFellas squashed the Spartan rebellion by sweeping them 10-7 & 6-4
• Farrell’s swept Bombers 11-1 & 18-0 – terrible softball
• Sickish got healthy over the Bastards 16-0 & 10-7
• Fighting Gallos won game one over the SuperFreaks easily by the score of 17-3 and looked to swept the nightcap as they led 10-6 in the 7th, but the Freaks got their Freak On in the 7th scoring 6 runs to earn a 12-10 split

E League
• WolfPack mash Agakate 7-3 & 7-6 for the sweep
• Warlocks hex the Bandits 18-3 & 13-2
• Marauders swept two tight games 11-10 & 12-11 over the MVP’s (excellent games)
• Those Guys and Anarchy split too tight games 5-4 13-10

League is Off July 7th Enjoy the Time with your Families