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As Gun’s and Roses reminded us nothing last forever not even November Rain

as the season dwindles down to the final two teams

Semi-Finals D League Action

Spartans – Cardinals

  • Game 1 Spartans exploded for 13 runs in the 3rd inning to win a wild 19-15 contest
  • Game 2 was tight at 8-5 until the 6th where the Spartans again exploded this time for a mere 5 runs to defeat the Cardinals 13-6 to advance to the D League Championship.


  • Clean Sweep – Verg silenced Ruckus 15-3 & 12-10 to advance to the championship

Last game December 2nd, 2012 Starrett City #1 Verg-Spartans 9:00am –

December Softball!!!!!!!!!!!!!

C League

Game 1 Highlanders 5-2
Game 2 Storm 4-3
Game 3 was a 9 Inning Classic – Storm 7-3, Congratulations to Hector, Henry and all the members of the Storm for their C league championship

E League

Game 1 Warlocks broke a 5-5 tie in the 7th thanks to a 3 run shot to post a 8-5 Win over Boats and Hoes. The Male Witches then won the series on a a walk off base hit by manager Ciro for an 8-7 game two victory and sweep.

Congratulations to Ciro and Warlocks for winning the E League


D League Playoffs

Spartans swept Tabu 17-3 & 13-2


Game 1 Bring the Pain 8-5
Game @ Cardinals 11-3
Game 2 Cardinals 11-4


Verg game one 3-2
SickFish Game 2 6-2
Verg Game three 6-1


Ruckus game 1 GoodFellas
Ruckus game 2 8-5 – over Goodfellas


D league Final Four Next Week – yeah your playing into December


Everyone enjoy your Thansgiving andgobble up plenty of Turkey




It’s time for Playoff Players not Scrubs …

BMSL Big Playoff Time players produced the following
Latest BMSL results last week

- The Storms swept The Nightmares 5-3, and 12-3 and slept peacefully.

- The Curse was lifted was lifted when the Warlocks lost game 1 to Who Next 6-5, but then came back as the Voodoo Men won game two 12-6, and then the deciding game 9-7.

- The Boats & Ho’s got smacked game 1 losing to MVP’s 9-8, but then came back to win game 2 12-3, and the deciding game 15-6.

- Sick Fish beat The Saints 10-3 in game one but the Saints cameback to whip Sick Fish 11-2; the deciding game was won by Sick Fish 8-3as the Saints won’t be marching anymore in 2012

- Goodfellas sweep Proline 14-10, 9-1 – When you have nothing else you light a match. You blow the joint

- Bring the Noise as Ruckus sweep Street Family 8-6, 9-6!!!!!!!!!!!

- The Cardinals lost the game 1 to Ball breakers 12-9, but then put on their athletic supporter and came back to win game two 7-5, and the deciding game 6-3.

- Tabu’s magic swept the Screwballs 10-3 & 8-7.

- Bring the Pain restored order by sweeping Softball Anarchy 4-2, 16-0.

- Spartans won two games by the score 7-0 – not even playoff worthy

Good Luck and as always Holler!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Storms are over!!!

The election is over!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Let’s play Softball




1st Round Playoff Match-Ups are set:

C League

Storm vs Nightmares

D League – North

Verg vs Agucaite

GoodFellas vs Pro-Line

Saints vs SickFish

Ruckus vs Street Family

D League – South

Spartans vs Royals

Cardinals vs Ball Breakers

Bring the Pain vs Softball Anarchy

Tabu vs Screwballs

E League

Who’s Next vs Warlocks

Boats and Hoes vs MVP’s


The BMSL hopes you and your family are safe and well after the storm. Unfortunately, the Mayor has closed the Park’s for this Sunday November 4th. All Games are cancelled and will be played Sunday November 11th, 2012. We will contact everyone next week to reschedule.

Thank you