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Important BMSL Notes

1. Please Email the league your highlights and pictures. Our email is

2. All Rosters, uniform, and picture ID’s are due before June 3rd – please mail to Tony

3. No games will be issued with an outstanding balance so pay up.

4. 21st Annual All Star game announcement coming soon

5. No liquor or weed smoking in dugouts or on the filed is allowed. This is a violation of our permit that could cause it to be revoked. This behavior will not be tolerated and umpires have been instructed to eject players who break this code of conduct. In addition, you will be expelled from the league.

    Hope you enjoyed your Memorial Day Weekend

    and come out next Sunday just ready to play good Softball


    “C” LEAGUE

    • Straight Ballerz hung up some crooked numbers to sweep the Knights 3-2 & 14-2
    • The Cardinals caged the WolfPack 8-6 & 3-1
    • Raw Deal kept it real in game one by beating Team NYL in 8 innings, but NYL exploded for 10 runs to win the nightcap.
    • BlackHawks spewed venom and rocked Da Core 6-1, but Da Core flexed their muscles in game two winning 10-5


    “D” LEAGUE

    • Bring the Pain needed Tylenol after Cibeo beat them 9-5, but masochists punished Cibeo in game two 10-4
    • The A’s direct deposited two wins by beating Money Team 12-2 & 4-3
    • Gentlemen rudely greeted the Brew Crew last week by bitch slapping them 15-0 & 13-3
    • Bed-Sty did their thing and tamed the SuperFreaks 11-3 in the opener, but the Kinky freaks hung on to a hard fought 9-8 game two affair.
    • The Spartans gave the BallBreakers a vasectomy clipping them twice 7-5 & 12-2
    • SickFish embarrassed the Royals 12-1 & 18-8. Thanks for showing up
    • The Fighting Gallos clocked the Screw Balls 12-9, but the oddballs got their heads screwed on right in game two and came back to win 8-2
    • The GoodFellas wacked Canal Bar 3-2 & 10-5 for a twin killing
    • Los Toros ran over Fratt House 3-1 in game one, but the Greek guys got their act together in game two and won a well played 3-2 game
    • Syndicate got gansta on Farrell’s in game one by winning easily 8-2. but Farrell’s avenged that setback by winning a thrilling 9-8 affair in extra (9) innings.


    “E” LEAGUE

    • The MVP’s didn’t live up to their name as they got doubled shutout 4-0 & 11-0 and lost both to the Coney Island Reds
    • Softball Anarchy took control in game one and defeated the Marauders 9-3. However, the Marauders restored control in game two by winning 4-2
    • Warlocks Swept Beta Psi Alpha 12-5 & 21-2….. ugly


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    BMSL Week 5 2012 Recap:

    “C” LEAGUE

    • Cardinals were scrappy and won 3-2 over Raw Deal, but then got scraped 19-1 in the nightcap
    • Straight Ballerz ran with the bulls and swept Los Toros 8-1 & 5-4

    “D” LEAGUE

    • Screw Balls cashed their check and swept Money Team 10-1 & 8-5
    • Ball Breakers bitched slapped the SuperFreaks 10-2 & 8-1
    • Spartans avenged their enemies and won 10-2 over the guppies I uh mean SickFisk, but in game two Sick Fisk turned into sharks and won 3-2
    • Canal Bar left a big tip with the Bartender after leaving Bring the Pain with a hangover 12-10 & 4-0 sweep
    • Bed Sty did not die and did their thing swing the Royals 7-2 & 10-2
    • The Fighting Gallos extradited Cibeo 11-3, but Cibeo ate their mangu and won the nightcap 10-5
    • Good Fellas clipped Blackhawks 17-2 & 15-0 .. too easy

    “E” LEAGUE

    • Who’s Next still ain’t won a game and got rocked 14-4 & 11-1 by Softball Anarchy
    • Warlocks cursed the Marauders 9-5 and 11-1 to take two
    • Psi Beta Alpha backed up a 10-7 game one victory with a 9-5 10 inning win to seal the sweep over the MVP’s
    • The C.I Reds won 8-4 but WolfPack earned the split with a neat 5-3 win

    Good Luck!!!!!!!!!!!

    HAPPY MOTHERS DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


      BMSL Week 4 2012 Recap:

      C” LEAGUE

      • Wolf Pack roared in game 1 but got a Raw Deal in the nightcap and lost 8-4
      • DaCore hung on for a well player 2-1 victory in game 1 but NY Largest exploded 12 runs in game two for a split
      • The Knight jousted with the Cardinals Sunday and got the best of them twice – Winning 5-4 & 8-7

      “D” LEAGUE

      • Syndicate laid off Bed-Sty 21-4 in gam one, but faced with a Do or Die situation Bed-Sty “did” and won big 18-8 in the nightcap
      • Ball Breakers deported Cibeo 10-0 & 10-5
      • The Royals arrested the Marauders 12-5 & 9-1 for the sweep
      • The Screwballs had their heads screwed on right last week and the Blackhawks 8-5 & 10-9
      • The Gallos lived up to the Fighting namesake and executed a 1-0 & 7-3 sweep over the Athletics
      • SuperFreaks broke out the whips, chains, and cream and got kinky in their 7-0 & 8-2 sweep of the Canal Bar
      • Farrels won a fine 5-4 affair in game one, but had to applied Ben Gay in game two to ease the pain as “Bring the Pain” won a 9-8 battle
      • The Gentlemen were in a rude mood this week as the swept Fratt House 7-0 & 12-3. Game one was a forfeit by Fratt House. Forfeits in May? C’mon that’s really bad. It’s time to get your softball act together guys
      • Los Toros charged the Brew crew and slugged out an 18-17 and 23-17 series sweep. Man what happened to pitching and defense?
      • The Good Fellas put the cement shoes on Sickish in game one as they won easily 9-2 but game two was a different story as the Fish swallowed the G-men alive 7-4 for the much needed split

      “E” LEAGUE

      •Who’s Next lost two heartbreakers to MVP’s – 5-3 & 7-6
      • Warlocks mesmerized Softball Anarchy 12-3 in game one and their spell continued into game two as they pulled out a 4-3 8 inning victory for the sweep
      • WolfPack got their feed on as they swept Psi Beta Alpha 18-1 & 4-0
      • The C.I Reds got two easy double forfeit wins over Lockdown. Forfeits suck c’mon guys




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      Enjoy your softball this week and be good to Mama!!!!!!!!!!!

      BMSL Week 3 2012 Recap:
      Softball Avengers Assemble!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      “C” LEAGUE

      • Hawkeye from the Avengers would have been proud of the Blackhawks as they pulled out a 11 inning game two 10-9 win over Raw deal after dropping a game one in 5-4 heartbreaking style.
      • Cardinals and Da Core traded Hulk like smashes 16-4 and 8-6 for a split
      • Team NYL defended the earth with a 11-2 win over the Wolf Pack, but he pack was back in the nightcap and gutted out a 3-2 victory
      • Clippers cut down the Straight Ballerz 7-0 in Both Games for the Sweep. They didn’t even need Captain America’s shield

      “D” LEAGUE

      • Bed-Sty cashed in Money Team, by beating them 18-14 in the opener, but the check was in the mail as Money Team won game two 10-5
      • Fighting Gallos Locked Down “Lockdown” and threw away the key by sweeping them 20-2, 10-5
      • Brew Crew expelled the Fratt House 15-10 in the opener, but was it over when the German’s bombed Pearl Harbor? No….. so the Fratt House won game two 11-0
      • Farrels wiped out Canal Bar 13-4 & 14-1
      • GoodFellas deported Cibeo 9-4 & 8-6
      • The A’s demoted MVP’s to AAA by crushing them 20-6 &13-3
      • Spartans got back on track this week and knocked the Knights off their high horse and buried them 12-2 and 17-5
      • Bring the Pain won both 11-1 & 4-3 as they de-activated the SuperFreaks
      • BallBreakers kicked the Royals in the nuts 8-4 & 15-5
      • SickFish got healthy on the Marauders 15-2 & 9-8

      “E” LEAGUE

      • Warlocks didn’t need to worry about Who’s Next because they took care of business now defeating them easily 11-1 & 11-5
      • Softball Anarchy caged the Woolpacks 8-3 & 11-1
      • The C.I Reds gave Beta PSI Alpha a failing grade by sweeping them easily 18-3 & 20-1