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BMSL Week 2 2012 Action:

It may have rained  but the BMSL action was still on!!!!!!!!!


• Team NYL ruled the Empire State by crushing SportsPage 7-0& 9-2
• WolfPack devoured the Knight 11-1 & 14-0. Knights showed no honor
• BlackHawks got a gift 7-0 forfeit win over the Dacore, but then paid the price as they got smoked game 2 13-5


• Cibao and Canal Bar spit a pair 16-6 & 6-4, respectively. Good shit
• Ball Busters showed their balls by earning a sweep of 7-6 & 7-4 over the Maurders
• Royals won game 1 easy over Farrels 9-2, but saved their dramatics for game 2 by scoring 4 runs and earning an exciting rain soaked 7-6 win. Memorable
• Screwballs changed up and beat the Spartan’s 7-5 and 8-1. Crazy
• SickFish embarrassed the Fight less Gallos 23-2 & 18-5. Ugh…. Pray for rain next time
• Money Team cashed in a game one 4-3 victory, but their credit was no good in the nightcap as they lost 4-3 (identical scores) to SuperFreaks
• Brew Crew won 4-2 over the A’s. game 2 cancelled


• Warlocks mesmerized Beta PSI Alpha 6-3 & 7-0
• Softball Anarchy won both over Who’s Next who needs to worry about who they are playing now


Only one will survive

Fight the Power!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Let The Softball Hunger Games begin

BMSL Opening Week 2012 Action:


• Team NYL ripped the Cardinals 11-3 and 6-5. Guess they should have signed Pujols
• The Outlaws closed the book on the Sportspage 10-6 & 10-3. Bu-Bye
• Blackhawks slayed the Knights 8-7 & 10-0. Hay dios
• Da Core got to the heart of the matter and whipped Raw Deal 8-4, but in the nightcap Raw Deal got real and won 5-4 on a walk off base hit. Holler!!!!!!!!! Good shit
• Syndicate collected taxes on the Ballerz and swept them 106 & 15-5
• The Clippers cut down the Bandits 8-6 and 17-5


• The Goodfellas became made men after they EARNED a 9-6 win over Farrels, but they got wacked in the nightcap 7-3
• Cibao carbon copied two 5-2 wins over the upstart royals
• SickFish moped the floor with the Screw Balls 11-8, but the Ku Ku men got revenge with a 7-4 win to earn a spilt
• Bring the Pain won game 1 over Bed Sty, but Do or Die won game two 13-10 for the spilt
• MVP’s showed their worth by defeating the Spartans 6-4 in the opener, but the Never Say Die Warriors won game two 6-3
• Fighting Gallos castrated the Ball Breakers 6-4 & 8-4
• The Gentlemen rudely greeted the Brew Crew to the 2012 campaign by winning 14-5 but the Beer Guys enjoyed a cold one after the 17-14 nightcap slugfest victory
• Frat House got straight A’s by cashing in on the Money team by winning 7-5 in game 1, but they paid the price in game two and lost 7-6
• Athletics threw away the key and arrested Lockdown 7-4 and 20-9. Ugly
• Los Toros tamed Canal Bar 8-7 in game one, but I guess they had one too many and lost the nightcap 7-2


• Softball Anarchy restored order and won 14-4 over the Warlocks. In game two the Male Witches cast a spell to tame Anarchy 10-3
• Wolf Pack roared GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR and ate up the Coney Island Reds 9-7 & 5-3
• Beta PSI Alpha recited the Greek alphabet and knew who Who’s Next was and was ready to give a lesson by beating them 12-10 & 10-7

Good Luck Everyone