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Da Core swept the Saints 9-5 & 8-7 (good games) to win the BMSL Fall League Championship -


The League puts its Lighter up to Salute you

Congrats to manager Jimmy and his championship squad !!!!!!!!

Well Done!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

While Softball doesn’t have J Lo

we find other ways to entertain ourselves …

  1. The league would like to give a special shout out to Hector Salgado and all his teammates for capturing the “C”League Champions as the Storm crushed Linea 7-0 & 23-5. Congratulations!!!!!!!!
  2. The New E league Title was claimed by the Coney Island Reds as the out slugged the WolfPack 14-7 & 18-15. Well done as they like would like to recognize manager Mark Anderson for this achievement.


As for the “D” league, the champiosnhip script has not been written yet as:

  1. The Saints swept the Atheltics 14-7 & 18-15 to make the chip
  2. DaCore dropped game 1 11-5 to teh GoodFellas, but then laid down teh law in the next two by winning 13-6 & 9-6 to advance to the finals
  3. Saints vs DaCaore will take place this upcoming Sunday.


Happy Gobble Gobble Day Everyone

BMSL Fall Playoff Action:

I want to be in that Number….


• BMSL feature team of the week.. Da Saints
swept Aliante 111-7 & 10-9 to keep marching in toward the championship
Sickfish came out strong to win the opener 10-7, but the DaCore took the series with 12-2 & 8-6 victories
• In a sensational series the A’s tamed the Ballbreakers. The testicular smashers won game in comeback fashion 12-11 in extra innings.  However, the A’s were not dismayed and received straight A’s on the field in games 2 & 3 by posting wining scores of 2-1 & 7-5 to advance
• The GoodFellas bats exploded for a game one 15-11 to rub out of Street Family. The G-Men looked like they had game two in hand as they led 11-6 with 2 outs, but the Family came back from the dead to tie the score. That momentum gave them the extra oomph they needed to eventually win in 8 innings 12-11 to force a decisive game three. However, the G-Men got their act together to win 7-3 and win the series


Storm put the Nightmares to bed 9-3 & 7-4
Linea hit just enough liners to barely edge los Mondres 7-6 & 1-0 – great matchup



• The Coney Island Reds rose happily on the cyclone after defeating their arch rivals MVP 9-6 & 6-5 last Sunday
• The Pack attacks!!!!!!!!!! Wolfpack shocks the 1st place Real Pirates 8-2 & 7-1 to prove the ball is round and on any given Sunday shit happens

Playoff Action – Finish Strong

BMSL Fall Playoff Action:
Joaquin Andujar once said “Only one word describes baseball – You never know” – same thing can be said for Softball


  • The KC Monarchs have been overthrown and sent home for the winter by the Storm as they swept them 3-0 & 2-0
  • The Nightmares haunted the Cardinals 2-1 & 3-2 to advance
  • Los Mondres jousted and ousted the Knights 11-3 & 8-2
  • Linea and Outlaws went the distance last Sunday. Game one Linea took control 6-0 but the outlaws snatched the momentum back with a 4-0 game two victory. In game three Linea stroked their way to 7-4 triumph and took the series


  • Murderers Row looked like they were granted a pardon by winning their opener versus the Athletics 2-1, but the A’s handed out the post season death sentence by winning the next two games 8-4 & 5-2, respectively. The Athletics advance
  • Aliante and Spartans fought to the end Sunday. Game one went Aliante’s way 7-3, Game Two the Spartans defended their territory by winning 7-2 setting a up a classic game three. It took none grueling innings but Aliante defeated the Spartans 9-8 to advance
  • The best defense is a good offense as Street Family swept New ERA 11-8 & 14-11.
  • Sick Fish made Bring the Pain sick last Sunday by infecting them with two tough on run losses 9-8 (9 innings) and 4-3 to advance


  • In 12 innings WolfPack outlasted the Honey Do’s 14-10, but sweet revenge went Honey’s way in game two as they blasted the pack 15-6 forcing a decisive game three. In the final game, the Pack showed True Grit and edged out the “Do’s” 4-3 to advance
  • MVP exploded for an easy 14-1 win over Beta Alpha to begin the playoffs, but the ass whipping was returned in game two as they were demolished 18-4. However, in game 3 MVP lived up to their name and won 10-5 to take the series and advance.

Playoff Action is the Shit!!!!!!!!


Rare Snow Storm (1st in NY in October since 1952)

forces us to use the same schdule this week, but there is Important Nov. 6th Specific News that everyone should be aware of

  1. DayLight Savings Time goes into effect sunday at 2AM , please set your watches and arrive on time
  2. NYC Marathon is on Sunday November 6th, please note major bridge closing (i.e. Verrazano) – plan accordingly

Good Luck – as the season is never over!!!!!!