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It was Softball’s version Bad Meets Evil

in the fast lane last week so checkout the Latest BMSL Fall action:


• The Storm and the Outlaws spilt a pair. In the opener the Storm arrested the Outlaws 9-0, but the Outlaws proved their innocence with 2 runs in the 6th inning of the nightcap to earn a 3-2 win
• Team NYL jousted & bested the Knights 13-3 & 3-2 for a sweep.
• KC Monarchs had a walk off 8-7 win over the Cards! The Cards returned the favor with 2 runs in the 7th of the nightcap for the spilt! That’s Good Softball!!!! Holler!!!!!!!!!!!
• Los Monores bullied the Bulldogs 7-2 & 13-3
• Linea cruised to a game one 5-1 victory over RPM, but things got wild in game two as RPM missed the extra point and Lineo outlasted and out slugged them 14-13.
• BushWick Bombers won two games on a double forfeit, 7-0. So Wack


• Same side different coin for the Ball Breakers and GoodFellas as they spilt a doubleheader with both teams registering an 8th inning victory ( 7-4 & 9-8, respectively)
• Street Family made the SickFish look like dead guppies winning easily 16-6, but SickFish turned into angry sharks in the nightcap to 16-5
• The NFL Jets lost last Sunday but at least Softball’s Gang Green won 2-1 over the Spartans, but the Spartans lived up to their 300 Movie tradition and fought hard for a 2-1 victory.
• Saints beat Fratt House both games: 13-0 and 8-2…game mvps: Marcus and Papito
• NEW ERA made they Honey Do’s sour by beating them both games 13-2 & 2-1
• Bring the Pain made Dacore hurt by beating them 13-5. But DaCore showed their strength by crushing “The Dolor” 12-0 in the finale.
• Murder’s Row did not pardon Instant Classic and inflicted 2-1 & 8-5 capital softball punishment on them


• The real Pirates remained undefeated by beating Beta Psi Alpha 14-11 & 10-3
• In an 11 inning thriller the WolfPack defeated the C.I. Reds 3-2 and then completed the sweep with a 7-1 win.
• MVP and the A’s spilt 9-6 &11-1, respectively
• Who’s next went into their bye week with a spilt s they demolished The pirates 15-3, but The Bucs did no quit as they won the second game 8-4

Good Luck Everyone

Latest BMSL Fall Action:


• The Storm and Nightmares got busy last week. Game 1 was handled efficiently by the Storm 4-1 but they didn’t sleep well after game 2 b/c NIGHTMARES came up with 4 runs in the 7th to win 8-7 CRAZY!!!!!!!!!!!
• The Bombers got politically incorrect on the Republic and swept them 3-2 & 10-3
• The Cards decked Team NYL 1-0 & 11-6
• Los Monores crushed Linea 10-0 in game 1, then out lasted them 11-10 in the nightcap for the sweep
• OUTLAWS-RPM spilt a pair 12-7 & 7-5, respectively
• Street Family got aggressive and sent the Knights into the dark ages 20-13 & 6-0



• BALL BREAKERS crunched Instant Classic 12-4 & 12-2
• Was it over when the German’s bombed Pearl Harbor? Well it was over for Animal house, I ugh mean Fratt House last Sunday as they got smoked 10-4 & 10-0 by the A’s
• Saints swept Who’s Next, 11-0 and 17-7…Game MVP’s are Raul ( Conde) and L.J.
• Spartans defended their land well – sweeping New ERA 7-5 & 11-4
• Bulldog and Bring the Pain played brilliantly last week splitting a pair 4-1 & 2-1 (8 innings)
• DA CORE and Honey Do’s also spilt a pair 11-6 & 7-4
• GANG GREEN made the Jets pored smacking SickFish 3-1 & 20-6


• The Real Pirates beat the fake Pirates 18-1 & 7-0
• Wolf Pack roared last week – winning easily over PHI ALPHA BETA 15-0 & 16-4
• C.I. SLUGGERS split a rivalry game with MVP, winning game 1 9-8 but getting outscored game 2 15-11

Good Luck Everyone!!!!!!!!

The Syndicate

proved you can’t escape the long arm of the law and brought the Goodfellas to justice last week 5-4 & 8-1 to claim the 2011 BMSL D league Champiosnhip. Congrats to Jason and the entire team on a fine season!!!!!!!!!!!

Sing the song fellas

you deserve it

The BMSL fall league kicked off on Sunday September 11th and here is the recap:


• All Nightmares needed was Freddie Kruger as they swept the Cards 10-4 & 12-2
• Monarchs didn’t treat the Knight royally as they swept them 7-3 * 3-0
• Mondires-RPM spilt 4-3 & 3-2
• Outlaws beat up the Street Family 5-4 & 6-2
• Bombers-Republic cancelled – will be played at a later date


• Core came up with 2 in the 7th to take the opener from New ERA 10-9 and then completed the sweep 7-5.
• Spartans destroyed SickFish 13-3 & 5-0
• The Saints marched in and swept the Wolf Pack 5-2 & 10-1
• The Row spilt with the Bulldogs 10-4 / 15-7
• Frat House went animal house wild and swept the Pirates 10-4 & 17-12
• Instant Classic swept a memorable pair from Bring the Pain 9-6 & 9-5
• C.I Warriors double forfeited to the Athletics… pathetic
• Gang Green and the Pirates game was cancelled – will be played at a later date


• MVP spilt with Beta Psi Alpha 17-4 & 9-3
• Honey Do got a sweet sweep over Who’s Next 12-2 & 16-6
***Syndicate and Bull Busters had a bye

The finals will be mob war – just don’t send Furio on anyone

so Much respect to the GoodFellas and Syndicate Family asthey both earned a tript o the “D” League Finals!!!!!!!!!!

Syndicate lost game one to the Ball Breakers but came up with 2 runs in the 7th of game two to win 3-2 and then rode that momentum to an 11-1 waxing.

Meanwhile the made men terminated Farrels in 3 games. Game one was a 9 inning classic that goodfellas survived 8-6. Farrels bounced back in game two 5-3 to force a 3rd and decisive game where the GoodFellas wacked the #1 seed 4-3. Much respect to Richie Correa who hurled 17 innings and appeared as a pitcher in all 3 games.

Gonna be a Great D league Chip!!!!!!!







The league we would like to salute Team NYL for capturing the “C” League Championship!!!!!!

Team NYL defeated Talk is Cheap Won 5-2 & 9-5!!!!!!!! Congratulations yo Javi-Nan on a memorable and wonderful season!!!!!!!!!

The BMSL salutes the Maimonides Hospital Softball Team on becoming weeknight champs – HOLLER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Who will make Queen proud and be the Champion?



• Team NYL earns a trip to the Championship by defeating the Cardinals 4-3 & 3-0
• Talk is Cheap made on the field statement last week. They put the Street Family away in game one 4-3 with 2 runs in the 7th and then moved on to the finals with a 7-4 victory.

• Tianos crushed #1 seed Farrels 10-1 in Game 1, but the top seed recovered to win the next two 6-4 & 12-2
• The Gallos had plenty of fight and upended the Syndicate 10-7, but the corporate crunchers showed who the Real Man was and won the next two games easy 10-2 & 12-2
• The GoodFallas said good night to the Super Freaks and swept them 12-8 & 9-5
• Sick Fish tamed the Ball Busters 3-1 in the series opener, but the Ball Busters kicked ass in the next two 7-2 & 7-2 to advance

Good luck Next Week!!!!!!!!