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The Regular season is over and the PLAYOFFS ARE HERE!!!!!!!!

SHOW ME THE $$$$$$$ !!!!!!

Check the Schedule Tab for Playoff Match-ups.

Here is the Final regular season wrap up


• The Street Family split with Tabu. In game one, Tabu romped 9-2, but never go against the family in public as they won easily 12-2 in the finale.
• A walk off 2 run shot by Eliesco gave the Cardinals an 8-7 game one win over the Tribe. The Tribe got over the shock off by rebounding for a neat 8-4 win to earn a spilt
• The Hitmen were hit by a cyclone as the Coney Is. Warriors crushed them 12-4 & 15-4
• Bandits 7-3 & 2-0 over the Knights. Professional
• Sports Page steady play continued as they disposed of the Bombers 7-3 & 10-0
• In 9 innings Talk is Cheap got it done 4-0 over the Outlaws. The No lip service men used that momentum to sweep the twin bill with an 8-6 victory in the nightcap.
• At least the Outlaws beat Team NYL is a single game match up 8-3.
• After that loss, Team NYL exploded for 18 runs in route to an 18-10 dismantling of Raw Deal. The second game of the doubleheader was a tighter affair as NYL won 6-5


• The GoodFellas took two of three over the Blackhawks (13-12 & 7-0), The Hawks salvaged one game at least 7-6 to save softball face.
• The A’s got back on the winning track 9-3 & 11-6 over the Dunkey Punchers
• The Spartans were all about VICTORY and defending their territory last Sunday as they defeated the Ball Breakers 8-4 & 5-4.
• The D.D. Bandits are back in the league, and they mean business, as they swept the lowly WolfPack 17-3 & 24-4.
• The Gallos clinched 1st place by smacking the SuperFreaks 10-7 & 8-1 – sweep
• Farrels secured the league’s best record by sweeping Tianos 13-0 & 19-9
• The Sick Fish and Warlocks engaged in a very good doubleheader. In game one the Fish squished the Warlocks 11-4, but the voodoo men conjured up a spell in game two to earn a 7-5 split.
• The Syndicate outlasted Cibeo 14-13, but the Dominican Power took control in game two and earned a 6-1 win
• Venom forfeited two games to the Gentlemen – pathetic
• Honey Do’s swept a triple header over Boats & ho’s. 9-4, 6-5, & 6-4 – Wow
• Brew Crew and South exchanged good old’ fashion ass whippings last Sunday. In game one the Crew crushed the South 14-4, but the South prevailed big in the nightcap 16-6. Blowouts

Other Important League Information:

• The D.D. Bandits were re-instated – softball drama – my god
Good luck!!!!!!!!

Get on the phone

and call up your players b/c it’s playoff time and the

Ball Breakers are ready and looking to get busy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Good Luck Everyone

D LEAGUE PLAYOFF FORMAT NOTICE – North and South Divisions

Playoffs begin Sunday July 31st

  1. 1st and 2nd place teams have 1st round byes
  2. 1st place seed will play the lowest remaining seed in the 2nd round beginning Sunday Aug 7th
  3. 2nd place seed will play the higher seed of the remaining teams in the 2nd round beginning Sunday Aug 7th
  4. 5. All series begin at 8:30 am
  5. All series are 2 out of 3 games and all 3 games are the same day
  6. The Better record (higher seed) is the home team in games 1 & 3 (home team status)
  7. Better record (higher seed) has choice of the field selected
  8. Better record (higher seed) supplies bases
  9. If missing a courtesy base or pitching rubber, this will not reverse home team status.
  10. If you are missing bases then you lose home team status
  11. Mercy Rule is 15 runs in the 1st round after 5 innings
  12. No mercy rule is in effect after the 1st round
  13. During the playoffs teams must have their players wear uniforms
  14. Teams must bring their picture ID’s with print & sign roster signature attached.
  15. 16. In the 1st round the following seeds play one another: 3 vs. 10, 4 vs. 9, 5 vs. 8, 6 vs. 7 within their own division
  16. After Each Division champion is crowned, then they will play one another for the overall D Division championship in a 2 out of 3 same day series.

Good luck





  1. Playoffs begin Sunday July 31st
  2. 1st and 2nd place teams have 1st round byes
  3. 1st place seed will play the lowest remaining seed in the 2nd round beginning Sunday Aug 7th
  4. 2nd place seed will play the higher seed of the remaining teams in the 2nd round beginning Sunday Aug 7th
  5. 5. All series begin at 8:30 am
  6. All series are 2 out of 3 games and all 3 games are the same day
  7. The Better record (higher seed) is the home team in games 1 & 3 (home team status)
  8. Better record (higher seed) has choice of the field selected
  9. Better record (higher seed) supplies bases
  10. If missing a courtesy base or pitching rubber, this will not reverse home team status.
  11. If you are missing bases then you lose home team status
  12. Mercy Rule is 12 runs in the 1st round after 5 innings
  13. No mercy rule is in effect after the 1st round
  14. During the playoffs teams must have their players wear uniforms
  15. Teams must bring their picture ID’s with print & sign roster signature attached.

Can’t Tell Me Nuthin!!!!!!

Actions speak louder than words,


so here are last week’s scores


  1. The Street Family earned street credibility by knocking the Knights off their high horse with a 6-1 game one win, but the Knight got right back on their high horse in game two winning 8-1.
  2. Sports Page had a happy 10-4 box score after game one, but the Cardinals ruined their line by winning 8-0 in the nightcap.
  3. Raw Deal needed no protection in game one as they tore up Talk is Cheap 10-7, but the anti-lip service men played good ball in game two and won 5-4 for the split.
  4. Speaking of splits that was the theme of the day in the C league last week as the Tribe and Bandits each one game by the scores of 8-7 & 9-8, respectively
  5. However, when Team NYL went for their third win of the day they were stopped cold in their tracks by the C.I. Warriors 8-6
  6. The Warriors then dropped a game to the Bombers 8-4 but Pasquel Diaz three run bomb secured a 3-0 in the nightcap over the Bombers. Good day for the Warriors as 2 outta 3 ain’t bad
  7. The Hitmen and Tabu played a tight two game set with each team winning a game by one run. In game one, the Hitmen were victorious 10-9 and in the nightcap Tabu prevailed 5-4
  8. NYL broke the C league spilt routine by sweeping the Outlaws 11-7 & 8-5


  1. The Gentlemen DESTROYED Brooklyn South 23-5 & 14-2 my god
  2. The Gallos audited the Syndicate in game one 8-6, but the Syndicate showed them who was boss in game two by winning 5-4
  3. Bring the Pain has an easy sweep over Boats & Ho’s 7-0 & 11-1 – pathetic
  4. The Dunkey Punchers pulled no punches and walloped the WolfPack 12-8 & 15-3
  5. Farrels is still in complete command of 1st place as they wacked the GoodFellas 11-6 & 13-1
  6. The Ball Busters professionally disposed of the Blackhawks 7-6 & 3-2
  7. Honey Do’s posted a sweet sweep over the Warlocks 5-1 & 11-4
  8. No wonder the Wild Bunch quit the league, they forfeited to Sick Fish – pathetic
  9. Speaking of Forfeits the Bandits double forfeited to Super Freaks – pathetic II
  10. Quitting was the norm last week – as the Pack is WACK, giving CIBEO two no show wins
  11. The Furies are lame, they also tanked it and handed Venom two wins – WACK!!!!!!!!!!!!

Other Important League Information:

  • More BMSL league causalities as The Furies, Pack, Bandits, and Wild Bunch are out of the League – see ya

Good luck!!!!!!!!

2011 Brooklyn Meadows Fall Softball“A Tradition in Quality Softball”

Welcome to Brooklyn’s Best Softball League!!!!!!!!!!! This year we are celebrating our 20th Anniversary of the Sunday Fall softball.  We have full confidence that 2011 is going to be highly rewarding, exciting, and a fun season for everyone involved. We are more than just a league, we are a family, and our top priority is to provide all our members with an excellent softball experience as we strive to : “Treat Everyone like a Champion”!!!

If you want to play in league that cares and has a passion and commitment to its softball family, then this is the league for you. We have the best competition and fields in Brooklyn, with games umpired by the finest ASA certified, fully uniformed, and highly skilled officials. This league was built on and continues to run on strong rivalries, lasting friendships, and enthusiastic players.  As commissioner and head umpire it is my unique privilege and duty to make sure this spirit endures throughout the season.

Key Information:

  • Sunday Game Times are 8:30 am or 12:30pm
  • Modified Fast Pitched Softball DoubleHeaders played on Brooklyn’s Best Dirt Fields - “like the game is ought to be played”
  • Beautiful Fields Include : Red Hook, Marine & Prospect Park
  • Beautiful Fields include : Ave K & E, 58th str, Shore Road, Starrett City
  • OPENING DAY IS SUNDAY September 11th, 2011
  • 7 Week Regular Season – 14 Games, weather permitting
  • 3 Week Post Season in a 2 out of 3 format
  • All competitive teams are welcomed and recommended to join our C and D Divisions
  • $$$$$CASH PRIZES$$$$ will be awarded to the C and D Champions

Last year 40 teams participated and the action will even be stronger and better in 2011, so please secure your place in this top notch league by registering at the following 2 scheduled meetings:

  1. Registration Dates : August 11th& 18th, and SEPTEMBER 1ST  from 7pm – 8:30 pm
  2. PLACE: BROOKLYN SPORTS  CENTER -  800 3rd Avenue, Brooklyn New York (Between 24th and 25th street)
  3. Deposit Required: $250 at 1st meeting. Entry Fee $750
  4. Contact: Anthony Ferrazzo 917-721-1114
  5. League Information Hot-line #: (718) 361-3242
  6. Email:
  7. League website

THE BMSL Teams Are Not Afraid!!!!!!


As the action was hot and heavy last week – read below


• It was Spiltsville for Team NYL and SportsPage. NYL won 3-1 and Sports Page took game two 5-3.
• The Bombers edged the Hitmen 4-3 in 8 innings and then literally bombed them in game two 10-0.
• The Street Family excommunicated the Tribe 4-3 & 8-3.
• Tabu knocked the Bumz out of the league with 2 forfeit wins. Horrible
• Raw Deal got busy on the Knights 5-0 & 19-5
• Outlaws annihilated the Athletics 17-0 & 16-0
• The Outlaws then won their 3rd game of the day (Holler!!!!!!) when the outlasted the C.I Warrior in a 14-13 extra inning slugfest
• The Warriors reclaimed their honor and earned W on the day when they edged the Bandits 5-4, but the third day of the game for Warriors was too much as they lost 5-4 to the Bandits in 9 innings.


• It was Spiltsville for the A’s and Brooklyn South. The A’s won 10-6 and the pride of Brooklyn South shined through in the nightcap with a 8-5 victory
• Farrels improved to 16-1 overall by beating up the Bandits 8-1 & 8-6
• Bring the Pain hurt Venom by posting 9-8 & 7-0 wins
• The Honey Do’s got two sweet wins over the Punchers,  7-6 & 5-4
• Cibeo fought hard to beat the Boats 4-2 & 13-9
• Venom’s long day continued as they lost 8-1 to the Goodfellas
• However, the Ball Busters brought the GoodFellas to justice by arresting them 7-0  & 10-6
• The Blackhawk’s embarrassed the WolfPack 19-2 & 13-3
• Great Twin Bill last week as the Spartans defended their field by winning 4-3 over the invading Warlocks. To their credit the Warlocks were relentless and pulled out a 2-1 nightcap win
• Another great matchup featured the Brew Crew and the Gentlemen. In game one, the Crew used pitching and defense to win 2-1, but the Gentlemen restored their honor by winning the second end of the doubleheader 8-7 in 13 dramatic innings.
• The Syndicate did not sign a peace treaty and declared war on the Tianos by beating them 12-2 & 8-6
• The Gallos neutralized the Wild Bunch 11-1 and 14-2

• The Pack is Wack was the Furies motto as they beat them easily 7-0 & 7-0.

Also, the Sick Fish abd SuperFreaks spilt 4-1 & 8-1, respectively


Other Important League Information:
• The Bumz and Athletics are a wrap – out of the League

Also, the league salutes two of its better officials – Darren and Joe for doing a great thankless job

Good Luck Everyone

The BMSL recognizes the 14-6  Tianos as the “Team of the Week” for their steady & excellent play in 2011

and wishes them the best of luck the rest of the way

Playoffs? Playoffs???!!!

2nd Half is Here!!!!!! Are you ready for the Playoff Push?

Recap from last week games


• BMSL’s original franchise Team NYL improved to 10-6 by living up to the adage “there’s no school like the old school” by taking care of the Cardinals 3-2 & 7-2.
• Talk is Cheap showed that actions speak louder than words and went out and beat the Warriors 6-4 & 11-1
• The Outlaws defied the demons and exercised Tabu 8-2, but the witchcraft spell Tabu put on them was too strong as they rounded up the Outlaws 11-3 for the split.
• Sports Page exploded for an easy 10-0 game one massacre over the Tribe and then withstood a furious skirmish in the nightcap to win 7-6 and complete the sweep
• The Bombers made the Bumz look like Bums by embarrassing them 12-2 & 10-0
• The Knights were on a winning crusade last Sunday as they dispatched and banished the A’s to another softball kingdom.
• Raw Deal was cold as ice last week as they wacked the Hit Men 6-2 & 13-3


• It was Pack on Pack crime last Sunday as the WolfPack and the Pack tangled. Game one was all WolfPack 8-1, but the Pack came back and earned a split by winning 5-2.
• Dominican Power was in full effect as Cibeo made mangu of Sick Fish 8-0 & 7-6.
• Brew Crew enjoyed a few happy brews after their 8-6 & 15-3 sweep of Brooklyn South.
• The Tianos were rude to the Gentlemen and swept them 7-5 & 9-0. The losses dropped the Gentlemen into 2nd place behind Farrels
• The Warlocks hurt Bring the Pain 16-2 in game one, but El Dolor inflicted 6-1 damage on the voodoo men to earn a split.
• The Super Freaks didn’t need any kinky toys to dispatch Dunkey Punchers 10-0 & 14-5.
• The Fighting Gallos took a commanding 1st place lead in the North thanks to their 13-3 & 7-3 smack down of the A’s.
• The best defense is a good offense is the Wild Bunch’s team motto as they obliterated the Furies 22-12 & 14-7. Wow – that’s a lot of runs
• The Spartans had the antidote for Venom and cruised to a 9-4 & 17-0 sweep
• The Honey Do’s did nothing sweet vs the Blackhawks as they got swept 15-5 & 11-1
• Farrels took control of 1st place in BMSL South by laying off the Syndicate 11-4 & 8-5. Professional
• The Ball Breakers softball castrated the Bandits 13-10 & 9-3.

Other Important League Information:

• Please check the Website for the latest standings (Sundays and Weeknights)
• Sunday July 10th schedule is not ready – sorry
• The Weeknight schedule is posted
• As of July 3rd I have not received scores for the Good Fellas vs. Boat’s & Ho’s game
Good Luck