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Going around the league we would like to salute Team NYL as an original BMSL team.

The BMSL and Team NYL are both are celebrating their twentieth anniversary of quality softball. Holler!!!!!!!

Sometimes the action this year has been swing

and miss

But overall the teams have been outstanding as they have played good softball and flexed their musclesand have become a true softball familyby fighting on the field with Honorfor Victory
and respect

good luck everyone and please have your team picture taken. Thanks

Breaking BMSL News: WolfPack wins 1st game of the 2011 season!!!!!!!!!! Congrats

Recap from last week games


- Tribe defeated the Atheletics by a ridiculous score of 30-0 and then also won 12-5.

- Tabu got a wack Father’s Day double forfeit win over the C.I. Warriors

• Talk is Cheap continues their solid play by handcuffing the Hitmen 8- & 18-1
• Outlaws squeaked out a 4-3 game 1 win over the Knights and then mercied them 12-0
• Cardinals flew high on Big Poppas day and cruised over the Bandits 9-4 & 16-4
• Raw Deal stayed in 1st place in the C West by sweeping the Bandits 7-0 and 2-1, with the latter victory coming in extra innings,
• The Bumz and S-Page showed the importance of defense and pitching last Sunday as they spilt two close games. The Bumz won 4-3 while the S-Page hung on to 1-0 victory
• NYL and Street Family were basically the same side of different coins last week as they each won a game by the exact same score 4-1


• The WolfPack didn’t forfeit, didn’t quit, and their perseverance was rewarded with their 1st victory of the 2011 season when they defeated the Bull Busters 3-1. The scrotum crunchers didn’t take this loss lightly as they smacked the Pack 10-0 in game 2
• The GoodFellas truly got gangster on Venom by disposing of them 11-0 & 10-0
• Farrels remained in 1st place with a 12-1 record by posting 2 solid 10-8 & 8-2 wins over SuperFreaks.
• The Pack earned a 9-7 win over Boats and Ho’s, but the Ho’s showed they weren’t bitches and rebounded for a 10-2 game 2 win
• Bring the Pain didn’t show the Warlocks the antidote in game 1 by handing them an 8-7 8 inning loss. But the Voodoo men reached into their bag of softball tricks and exploded for a 17-10 game 2 win/split
• Two games + Two one run games = Brew Crew vs. A’s last week, as the BeerMen won 7-6 and the A’s were victorious 6-5
• The Dunkey Punchers might have as well stayed home on Father’s Day and tried on their new ties as they got smoked by the Syndicate 21-5 & 9-0
• Cibeo – Honey Do’s got ready for the playoffs by playing 3 games last week, with the Cardinals winning 2 of 3 (9-3 &14-4). The Do’s only did it right 1 game with a 18-8 win
• Splitsville for the Blackhawks (5-4) and Spartans on Father’s Day (6-3) – hope they at least grilled some good grub
• D.D. Bandits were a No Show – as the double forfeited loss to the SickFish
• Tianos made Brooklyn South fly south for the winter a little early this year by sweeping them 8-1 & 9-5
• Double Forfeits were unfortunately a common Father’s Day theme as the Furies didn’t come out to play handing the Wild Bunch two easy wins.

Please check the Website for the latest schedule and standings.
Good Luck

Sunday is Father’s Day (and my Birthday) so on behalf of the BMSL HAPPT BIG POPPA’s Day – hope you enjoy softball.

Recap from last week games


  • The Bandits clocked the Knight in game 12-10, but the Knights fought back and corralled the desperados 6-1 in the nightcap
  • Talk is Cheap continued their excellent play by smacking the Bumz 8-1 & 13-4
  • SportsPage swept the Outlaws in an amazing doubleheader. In game one, Timmy’s 9th inning game winning hit helped his team turn the page. In the nightcap, the Outlaws staged a furious bottom of the 7th inning rally only to fall short 11-10.
  • Raw Deal got raw and beat the A’s 5-2 & 10-0
  • Teams NYL explode for 8 runs in 3rd inning to cruise to a 12-5 win over the Tribe. However, the Tribe cured themselves with a 9-7 nightcap victory.
  • The Cardinals kicked the Street Family to curb by sweeping them 7-1 & 9-8
  • The Hitmen made the C.I. Warriors wish they were eating Nathan hot dogs instead of playing softball after clobbering them 13-1 and 6-3


  • Bring the Pain brought softball misery to the Pack sweeping them 8-1 & 21-9
  • SuperFreaks got softball kinky and roughed up Venom 16-3 & 23-13
  • Farrels improved to 10-1 overall by crushing Cibeo 11-3. Please note: Game 2 will be played on another date
  • Bull Busters showed Boats & Ho’s no mercy crushing busting them up 14-0 & 21-13
  • The Fighting Gallos stayed in 1st place thanks to a 15-5 & 12-4 dismantling of WolfPack
  • Blackhawks were all over the D.D. Bandits 13-3 &11-1
  • Things looked good after the Dunkey Punchers scored 20 runs in game 1 to beat the Warlocks 20-10. But in the nightcap, the Warlocks cursed and beat the Punchers 13-10
  • The Tianos represented Puerto Rico (Tianos were P.R. Indians) on the P.R Day Parade by sweeping the Brew Crew 15-8 & 4-3
  • The GoodFellas walked the Spartans in game 1 10-6, but the Spartans quickly recovered and grinded out a 7-6 game 3 win
  • The Sick Fish rode the momentum of an exciting 10-9 game one victory into game two  by handing the Honey Do’s a decisive 11-1 mercy fashion
  • The Wild Bunch went loco with a 9-2 & 4-3 twin killing victory over the A’s
  • The Syndicate kept things professional with the Gentlemen as in game 1 they earned a 9-7 victory. The Gentlemen politely won game 2 8-6 for the spilt.
  • Brooklyn South made the Furies look silly with 19-7 & 12-2 wins

Please check the Website for the latest schedule and standings.

Good Luck


Please note the following important points

(1) The following 2 games have been changed:

  • Tabu will now play the Bushwick Bombers at Marine Park Field #5 at 12:30 PM
  • The Brownsville Bumz will play  Talk is Cheap at 12:30pm at Six Diamonds at Field #2 at 12:30

(2) The Weeknight schedule for June 1th has been posted

(3) Alert to all Sunday BMSL managers please submits your rosters with Picture ID’s to Tony Ferrazzo immediately.

Also, carry a set of your roster’s picture ID’s with you to all games

(4) Uniforms are in effect. If you are having any uniform issues please contact Tony immediately

(5) If you have any standings or score issues please email the site at

Thank you and Good Luck

The old adage “any given Sunday” rang true last week as the Gentleman and Tabu fell from the ranks of the undefeated!!!!!!!!!
• Talk is Cheap opened up a can of who0p ass to hand Tabu their 1st loss in embarrassing 11-0 fashion. Tabu proved that ass whipping was a fluke by crushing the no lip service men 11-0 for the spilt.
• The Bklny Wild Bunch was only playing 500 ball going into their twin bill with the undefeated Gentlemen, but they didn’t look mediocre last Sunday. The Gentlemen squeaked out a 7-5 game 1 victory to improve to 13-0, but that all changed in the nightcap as the Bunch went absolutely kuku and were anything but gentle to the G-Man handing them a lopsided 13-3 loss. Congrats to the Wild Bunch, as the 72’ Dolphins would be proud of them

In other league action:
• The Cardinals gutted the Knights 14-4 & 3-0
• The Outlaws didn’t shoot the sheriff but they did sweep the NYL team 7-0 & 6-3
• In 8 innings Raw Deal corralled the Tribe 2-1 and then completed the twin killing 9-4.
• Hitmen locked up the Bumz 10-3 & 2-1
• The Bombers took care of the C.I. Warriors who did not “come out and play” well, and swept them 9-8 & 7-5.
• The Bandits disposed of the A’s 6-3 & 7-4 for an efficient sweep
• The GoodFellas protected the family honor and wacked the “D” Division North Leaders the Fighting Gallos 7-4 & 4-3
• Cibeo crushed the Bandits 15-1 in game 1, but game 2 was a much tighter affair that Cibeo pulled out 2-1.
• Honey Do’s earned a sweet 8-7 victory over the Warlocks in the opener, but the back end of the doubleheader was all Warlocks who placed a 18-8 spell on their opponent
• The Syndicate audited the A’s from top to bottom for a lopsided 14-0 & 22-3 sweep
• Boats & Ho’s got kinky vs. SuperFreaks in game 1 by posting a 7-6 victory, but the Freaks got serious in the nightcap and earned a 8-2 win.
• The BallBusters didn’t kick Sick Fish ass Sunday, but they did find a way to win two tight victories 6-5 & 4-3. Just win baby. Just win
• Farrels got righteous by sweeping the Spartans 2-1 & 9-5 (8 innings)
• The Pack got on track with a 8-4 win over Venom. In the nightcap, the Venom got poisonous by hanging on to a wild and wacky 14-12 win.
• Dunkey Punchers kept WolfPack out of the 11’ win column by sweeping 11-4 & 6-2
• The Furies literally didn’t show up, as the handed Tianos a double header forfeit sweep.
• The Brew Crew put on their game 1 hitting shoes on to outlast Bklyn South 13-11. The South regrouped in game 2 to earn a good split with a 5-3 win

Please check the Website for the latest schedule and standings.

Good Luck

Not everyone had a holiday last Sunday, as old school Umpires
and stud teams /players

got down to some hard core BMSL business last week :

• Bring the Pain made the Spartans take Ibuprofen by inflicting a painful 2-1 loss on them in the opener. However, the Spartans proudly lived up to their name and were relentless in their pursuit of victory as they grinded out a 4-3 nightcap win to earn the split. Good games

• Speaking of pain, after two tough extra inning losses to the Fighting Gallos, Cibeo
felt like planning a vacation to “El Cibao”, a region of the Dominican Republic located at the northern part of the country, which is a “place where rocks abound”. The 11-1 Gallos
won game one in 8 innings by the score of 7-5 and then won an 11 inning game two marathon 5-4. So much for some easy holiday games. I bet the cerverza tasted extra good after that double header.
• Rick James “She’s all right She’s all right, with me” would have been SuperFreak proud this weekend as the SuperFreaks swept the Wolf Pack 4-2 & 5-2.
• The Tinos smacked the Boats & Ho’s 10-1 & 10-4 for the sweep
• Talk is Cheap had plenty to brag about after removing the Cardinals feathers in a 10-4 & 13-5 sweep

Interesting League Notes:

- The league June 5th schedule has been updated
- Standings have been updated
- The Tribe leads the C Division West despite having a negative run differential number on the season. Hmmmmm
- The Weeknight standings/schedule will be updated later today