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The softball action on May 22nd was Awesome

on both sides of the plate

as intensity was sky high

and every close pitch mattered

While chicks did the long ball

it was the pitchers who made their mark in this week’s highlights.

The BMSL Wrap up


- Going into Memorial Day Tabu remains Undefeated putting the malachi on the Street Family by kicking them to the curb by the scores of 10-7 & 12-2
- In a flawlessly played game the Cardinals defeated Raw Deal 1-0 thanks to the magnificent pitching of Christian. Christian’s mastery propelled the Cardinals to fly high in the nightcap to complete the sweep 8-1.
- Speaking of pitching gems, Bobby Lasson one hitter was the highlight of a Sportspage 10-0 game 1 victory over the Bandits. Sportspage didn’t turn the page in the night cap and kept the mojo right where it was by mercying the Bandits 12-2.
- The Tribe rounded up the Outlaws 8-5 & 8-6 to claim the softball land for their own.
- Talk is Cheap got physical with the bats as they pounded the Athletics 12-2 & 19-4.
- Riding the cyclone to get back home into the C Division, the Coney Island Warriors were amusement park happy after they put the Bumz back into a softball shelter with 14-5 & 15-12 sweep.
- Team NYL knocked the Knights off their softball horse to sweep 13-5 & 7-5
- The Bombers exploded for 6 in the 6th to win game one over the Hitmen 7-1. The Bomber bats kept bombing in game 2 as they scored 15 runs to win 15-9. Nice job


- The Gentlemen got rude with Bkny South last Sunday as they roughed them up  11-7 & 24-5 to improve to 12-0 and remain undefeated
- The Wolf Pack ate honey all day last Sunday by whipping Honey Do’s 14-4 & 13-7
- Bring the Pain sunk the boats 10-7 in game one, but after applying Ben Gay and duct tape the Boats righted their ship and scratched out a 3-2 game two victory to earn a split.
- Brew Crew vs. Furies – no scores yet
- Spartans defended their land against the Warlocks and won 6-2 & 13-5. Never Surrender Never Retreat
- Syndicate kept it strictly business in game one vs. the D.D. Bandits won 10-8.  The Bandits took the loss personal as they bounced back and took over the Syndicate 6-2 to earn a split.
- The Super Freaks don’t want to be freaks but can’t help themselves, as they got softball kinky in 8 innings to win game one over the Pack. Using game one’s momentum, the Super Freaks got their swerve on in game two by exploding  for a 10-0 decisive victory
- The GoodFellas wacked Cibeo in game one 7-5, but Cibeo sent the G-men to jail in game two with a 21-0 Victory!!!!!!!!!!!! Wow – Softball is Crazy
- Wild Bunch went kuku 18-3 & 25-6 over Venom. Spiderman needs to help Venom.
- The A’s used money ball to beat the Tainos 8-7 in the opener of this two game set. However, the Tianos scalped the A’s in game 2 won 7-5. Good games
- Sickfish reeled in the Dunkey Punchers 9-6 & 8-5 for a nice sweep
- Farrels won two over Blackhawks 9-3  & 12-2 (Mercy)
- Fighting Gallos lead the D North with a 9-1 record after sweep the Ball Breakers 8-2 & 12-. Holler!!!!

Important League Notes:

1. There will be some games on Memorial Day weekend at Marine Park- please check the schedule
2. As mentioned above C.I Warriors are back in the C – please stay there

Happy Memorial Day!!!!!!!!!!

The Week 5 BMSL highlight doubleheader of the week clearly occurred between “The Spartans” and “D.D. Bandits”. The Spartans won the game 1 softball war in 13 innings 9-5, but the heroics of

“”Seasoned Veteran”" Billy Kosta (pitcher/1st baseball)

helped D.D earn a 6-5 game 2 victory and get out of dodge with a spilt. Billy did it all on Sunday as he pitched 13 innings in the game one loss, hit a double, sled in safely for a triple, and made a bare handed catch on a throw at first base to save a run in the game 2 victory. GO “BMSL Season veterans!!!!!!!!!! P.S. the home plate umpire out of character was cheering for Billy when he was rounding second hoping the “season vet” would be safe at third. Congrats Billy on your outstanding performance

In other BMSL action:

• Team NYL crushed the Bandits 10-6 & 16-3
• Bklyn Knights arrested the Outlaws for a 13-8 & 9-5 Sweep
• The Tribe retreated and gave Raw Deal a good discount by double forfeiting – ugh, brutal
• In a very good match-up the Bushwick Bombers outlasted the Brownsville Bumz 5-4 in 9 innings in game 1, only to have the loveable Bumz bounce back and win the night cap 9-4
• Sports Page blew out the Cardinals 15-5 in game 1, then won a hard fought 7-5 game 2
• Street Family and Talk is Cheap exchanged blowouts with the former winning 10-2 and the latter cruising to a 12-2 mercy win
• Tabu broke out the witch doctor hitting sticks and beat down the Hit Men 13-5 & 16-5
• The D Division A’s and C.I Warriors played a wild doubleheader. In game one, the A’s flexed their D Div muscles for a 11-9 win, but in the nightcap the Warriors showed C Division pride & skill by edging out a 4-3 victory
• The Syndicate inflicted some serious 12-1 damage on Bring the Pain in Game 1, Game 2 was a different story as they had to score 4 runs in the 6th to pull out a football score 18-13 win and complete the sweep
• Sick Fish ate up the Warlocks 13-3 & 14-5
• The Ball Busters castrated the C Division Athletics 13-3 &10-0 – ouch
• In a battle of teams with Brooklyn in their names, the South whipped Venom 20-10 & 15-5
• The Gallos improved to 7-1 overall and moved to sole possession of 1st place in the “D” North by rope a doping the Dunkey Punchers 16-3 & 12-4
• The Furies made the Pullout “PO’s” pull out for good by winning a kiss your sister type double forfeit win over the PO’s. More on PO below
• The Brew Crew could sit back and enjoy a brew after their 7-4 game 1 win over the Wild Bunch, but the sweet taste of that victory was wiped away in game 2 as the bunch smacked them for a 13-3 win.
• How could we forget the Gentlemen? Had to save the league best 10-0 Gentlemen for last. But I would be remiss if I didn’t point out that the Tianos gave the G-men all they could handle in game 1 by just missing the upset and falling 8-7. The Gentlemen took control in the nightcap and prevailed 12-6. Can anyone beat these guys?

Other Very Important League News:

1. Bad News :The Pullouts are out of the League

2. Good News : Boats & Ho’s are back in the league – Good Luck

3. Rosters and picture ID’s are due this week

4. If you have any outstanding league balance it must be paid this week.

5. Uniforms must be worn beginning this Sunday May 22nd

6.If you want to play a makeup doubleheader during memorial Day weekend please contact Tony Ferrazzo immediately

7. The Coney Island Warriors are now in the D Division North

8. Syndicate has a 5-3 Record

Also, note standings and schedules have been updated



As games go on at this very moment here are BMSL updates:

  1. Morning games were on today. Check with Tony Regarding the afternoon affairs
  2. There are currently NO GAMES Scheduled for Memorial Day weekend. Any team interested in playing on Memorial Day weekend please contact Tony immediately.
  3. Please note ALL LEAGUE FEES are due this week. NO EXCEPTION. If you are not paid in full you will not be placed on the Sunday May 22nd schedule> please contact Tony Immediately to satisfy remittance.
  4. The Weeknight League information is posted under their very own Standings and Results Tab under the Main Standings Tab
  5. Uniforms and Rosters are in effect and due. Submit Rosters please

The following name changes or league switches have occurred in the Sunday League

  • Instant Classics are bow called Super Freaks
  • Warlocks remain the Warlocks, not Super Freaks
  • Beatsmode is in the C’ Division and now called the A’s
  • The Athletics remain in the D Division

Good luck

It may have been Mother’s Day in May, but that didn’t stop this Brooklyn League from Going Hard

as the Gentlemen were not only Dressed to Impress in their original Tuxedo style uniforms but also impressed on the field by keeping the Athletic off balance











to sweep a doubleheader 9-5 and 8-1 to remain undefeated!!!!!!!!! Congrats!!!!!

Meanwhile The Spartans

lived up to their 300 Movie motto of “Never Surrender !!!!!! Never Retreat !!! and went on the offensive

to propel themselves to an 8-4 & 6-2 sweep over the Wild Bunch and keep themselves only one game behind the Gent’s in the loss column.

In other BMSL action this past weekend:

  1. Raw deal and Sports Page split and in each game smoked one another by the scores of 10-0 and 9-0. Crazy game this softball is. Crazy
  2. The Tribe disposed of the Knights to take two on ma’s day 9-3 & 6-5
  3. The Cardinals won game one over the Brownsville Bumz by the score of 4-3 and improved to 5-0 and looked to be ready to remain undefeated when they took a 3 run lead into the bottom of the 7th into nightcap but that’s when things got wild. The Bumz became kings and shocked the Cardinals by scoring 4 runs in 7th to earn a split.
  4. The Bandits won 8-7 in a marathon 11 inning game one affair over the Talk is Cheap. In the nightcap, Talk is Cheap didn’t mince words by pulverizing them 17-1
  5. Beast Mode got tamed 10-0 in both games by Street Family to drop a pair.
  6. The Fighting Gallos moved into sole possession of 1st Place in the D Division North by dominating the Blackhawks 6-0 & 5-1.
  7. Ball Breakers laid down the law over CIBEO in game cruising to a 9-3 victory, but the nightcap was a different story as Cibeo’s offense put up 11 runs to earn an 11-8 split.
  8. Farrels brought “el dolor” vs Bring the Pain by whipping them 9-3 & 5-0 to improve their place in the D Division South Standings to 5-1 and also remain one game back of the Gent’s in the loss column.
  9. Super Freaks got their Freak on and crushed Wolf Pack 20-2 and 19-9.
  10. Brew Crew silenced the Hit Men bats and swept a twin bill 11-5 and 12-2
  11. Honey’s Do’s got a sweet, hard fought, close sweep over the Punchers by the scores of 11-10 & 8-7
  12. The Pullouts pulled out all right as they double forfeited vs the Furies. No one wants a no show victory. Let’s Go Pullouts it’s time to show up as no one wants to win on a double forfeit b/c there is no honor in it.
  13. I’m funny??? How Am I Funny????? Do I amuse you? Well on Sunday the GoodFellas were amused and got gangsta by scoring 3 runs in to 7th to create an instant softball classic and steal an 11-10 victory over Instant Classic. The good karma continued in game 2 for the “made men” as they completed the sweep with an 11-6 victory
  14. Brooklyn South routed Tianos in the front end of the doubleheader, but the Tianos bounced back in a big way in game 2 by handing Bklyn South a 15-3 Mercy.
  15. Not only did Boats and Ho’s double forfeited loss to D.D. Bandits (5-1 overall), but they were also asked to set sail and were removed from the league.
  16. Syndicate and SickFish split a doubleheader by bashing each other 13-5 and 11-5.

Other League Wide Notes:

  1. The Tribe’s record was previously reported as 1-3. The Correct Record going into May 8th was 3-1. This was corrected and updated along with this week’s scores. The league apologizes
  2. Only Make-up games are schedule for the Sunday during Memorial Day weekend. Everyone else is off. Details to follow
  3. Wolf pack I is now called Pack
  4. Warlocks are now called Super Freaks
  5. Boats and Ho’s are out of the League
  6. C.I. Warriors are now in the D League North Div
  7. The Spartans run differential has been corrected.


Good Luck to all and Thank you

Hello Teams:

Here are the Week 2 Scores and Highlights:

C League

  1. The Brooklyn Knights slayed the Bushwick Bombers in game one by the score of 7-5, but the Bombers were resilient and earned a 5-4 game two spilt.
  2. Raw Deal survived game one to post a 5-4 victory, but Street Family got some serious softball street credibility in game two by crushing RW 12-2.
  3. The Tribe was on the war path last Sunday and tomahawkd a 5-1 game 1 victory over Talk is Cheap. In the nightcap Talk is Cheap let their bats do the talking and won easily 9-1.
  4. Team NYL swept Sports page 12-10 and 10-9, but it wasn’t easy as game 2 went 9 innings.
  5. The Blackhawks literally didn’t even show up as they lost a double forfeit to the Cardinals
  6. Tabu had the voodoo going all day over the C.I. Warriors winning 10-0 & 17-2
  7. The Hitmen pounded out a game one 8- victory over the Brownsville Bumz, but the Bumz got their act together in game two and came away with a 3-2 victory and s series split.

D League

  1. Dunkey Punchers kicked “I am” Spartans down in game one 6-3, but Spartans never surrender and won the nightcap 10-4.
  2. Bring The Pain’s pitcher Gil Gilmore set the tone on the early Sunday double header pitching a Stella 9-0 victory. BTP kept dishing the pain when Jonathan Gonzalez led the way with a 3 run homer and they never looked back completing the sweep 7-3 over the Wolf Pack.
  3. A’s kept rolling with two Mercy wins of 17-2 & 17-4 over BKNY South
  4. The Gentlemen improved to a perfect 6-0 overall by disposing of the Furies 24-5 & 13-3
  5. Boats and Ho’s smacked up Beast Mode 14-11 & 14-7 for the sweep
  6. Cibeo and Wild Bunch spilt a pair with Cibeo wining 9-3 but the Wild Bunch literally went wild in game 2 crushing Cibeo 14-1
  7. The Syndicate was stopped both games by the Ball Breakers in an exciting doubleheader. Game one went 8 innings with BB winning 5-4 and they used that momentum to win the nightcap 7-4.
  8. D.D. Bandits annihilated the newly named Pack 18-3 and 17-5
  9. In a slugfest twin bill, Sick Fish won game 1 over the Gallo’s 19-6, but the Fighting Gallo’s lived up to their name in game 2 by cruising to an 11-5 win.
  10. Instant Classic made their own current history by sweeping the Warlocks 6-5 & 19-2
  11. Black Venom spewed all over the Pullouts 19-4 & 28-10 for the easy sweep
  12. Honey Do’s had a sweet 12-3 game 1 victory over the Tianos, but game 2 went the Tianos way by the score of 8-5. Series split
  13. In the most evenly matched doubleheader of the day, Farrels and GoodFellas split both games by the identical score of 7-6. Now that’s good softball

Good luck Next Week and Beyond